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  • What are the bubble tea toppings??

    April 06, 2023 3 min read

    What are the bubble tea toppings??


    The toppings are what make bubble tea so much fun to drink. There is wide range of bubble tea toppings that create texture, colour and flavour to the drink from the classic chewy tapioca pearls, colourful jellies, popping boba, bouncy magic boba even healthy juicy aloe vera and so on. 

    Bubble tea is a customizable drink, adding toppings allows endless combinations and possibilities. Each person can create their own preferences by choosing the flavour of the drink and the flavour, colour, and texture of their toppings. 

    Let’s find out some of the most popular bubble tea toppings.


    1. Tapioca Pearls (Also known as Tapioca balls, Boba balls, Boba, Pearls) -Tapioca pearls are the most common bubble tea topping. Tapioca pearls can be found in any bubble tea shop around the world. Tapioca pearls are made from tapioca starch and usually in black colour. Tapioca pearls add a chewy texture and sweet brown sugar flavour. Tapioca pearls from Boba Buzz is totally vegan-friendly all the ingredients are plant-based. 

    2. Popping Bobas (Also known as Popping bubbles, Popping pearls, Juice balls, Bruising bobas) -   Popping bobas are small balls filled with fruit-flavoured syrup. When you bite into the popping boba, the fruit syrup inside will “pop” when bitten into it. The outside is made of a seaweed extract, creating a thin shiny coating. It’s not chewy like tapioca pearls and it’s more fun to eat. Popping bobas are not overly sweet and offer various flavours and colours.  Unlike tapioca pearls, popping bobas are premade products, no hassle to prepare anything just open the tub and it’s ready to serve! Not just adding in the bubble tea, also there are many ways to eat popping bobas, including smoothies, frozen yogurt, cocktails, mocktails, ice cream, or even on top of the pancake. Because of their attractive colour, flavour, and fun to eat, popping bobas is quickly becoming really popular and high demand. 

    3. Jellies - Another popular bubble tea topping. It made of agar agar and fruit juice or some other flavour such as brown sugar, coffee, or original flavour. Some of them are made of coconut water (called Natate coco). Fruit jellies come in a variety of colour and flavour. It creates attractive colour, texture, and flavour for the drink. Like popping bobas, fruit jellies are premade products and can be added on any drinks and desserts. 

    4. Magic bobas (Also known as crystal bobas, crystal bubbles) - Magic boba is a translucent appearance, it is made from agar jelly and has a chewy bouncy texture. Magic bobas have a mild, sweet taste. It retains its unique flavour and doesn’t affect the taste of drinks. On another hand, many toppings including tapioca pearls can slightly affect the taste of the drinks, that’s the reason why many people prefer to have magic bobas on their drinks. 

    5. Aloe Vera - Aloe Vera is a healthy and refreshing topping for bubble tea. Aloe vera has a mild sweet flavour with a crispy texture. Same as magic bobas, Aloe vera doesn’t impact the flavour of the drink and it's healthy, that’s the reason Aloe vera become popular.  Aloe vera may have many health benefits, including improving the digestive system and boosting the immune system. 

    6. Red bean - Red bean is sweet and nutty. It’s used in most Asian desserts. Normally red beans will be mashed or blended before being added to the drinks. Red bean adds a smooth and creamy texture to the drinks.

    7. Egg pudding (also known as custard pudding) - Pudding has a smooth and silky texture, it adds a sweet, creamy and decadent flavour to the drinks.

    8. Cheese foam - Cheese foam is used to put on top of the bubble tea. The creamy texture and mouse-like topping has a delicious salty cheesy flavour and is the perfect complement to all kinds of bubble tea.