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  • Variety of Bubble Tea Flavours

    January 30, 2023 3 min read

    Variety of Bubble Tea Flavour


         Bubble tea is mainly made of two combinations; base tea and toppings. This delicious sweet treat originated in Taiwan in the 1980. It’s commonly known to be served with sweetened milk, black tea and chewy tapioca pearls in a sealed plastic cup with an iconic extra large straw. Nowadays, not only we can find bubble tea in any corner around the world but also there are  more creativity in bubble tea flavours and more topping options to choose from. Currently there are 6 different types of bubble tea flavours which are Milk tea, Fresh brew tea, Fruit tea, Smoothies/Milkshakes, Fresh milk, Salted cream.

    Milk tea


         Milk tea is authentic and one of the most popular bubble tea flavours. There are two types of milk tea which are traditional milk tea and flavoured milk tea.


    • Traditional milk tea is made with two main ingredients; fresh brew tea such as Assam tea, Earl grey tea, Jasmine green tea and Oolong tea combined with creamer powder. 

    • Flavoured milk tea is made with three main ingredients; flavoured powder such as Chocolate, Vanilla, Banana, Honeydew, Coconut, Strawberry, Mango, Litchi and Thai tea with creamer powder and fresh brew tea. 

    Fresh brew tea


         Fresh brewed tea is refreshing and light. It can be just one type of good quality tea or blended tea without milk. Genuinely, the fresh brewed tea needs to be strong to handle the sweetness from sugar or honey. The fresh brewers tea can be served hot or cold, it also can be combined with toppings especially tapioca pearls, popping boba, agar jellies or even great with brown sugar jelly. 


    Fruit tea


         This type of bubble tea is one of the most famous bubble tea flavours. It’s easy to make and profitable. This type of tea is a fruit-based drink without milk. It can be combined with Jasmine green tea or can do without any caffeine. Fruit tea is genuinely made with concentrated fruit juice or fresh fruit juice. Fruit tea can be served cold only and it’s great combination with any flavour of popping bobas, natate coco jellies or any fruit flavoured toppings. Fruit tea is normally vegan friendly, as there’s no animal products contained in the drinks. 




         Dairy-based or fruit-based blended with ice. This type of bubble tea can be made from any type of bubble tea powders, concentrated juice or blending a bit of both. It can also combine fresh/frozen fruit, chocolate or even biscuits. 


    Fresh milk


         Fresh milk bubble tea uses fresh milk rather than creamer powder such as Taro milk tea, Matcha latte and Brown sugar milk tea. Many bubble tea stores use whole fat milk rather than semi skimmed milk because the flavour of whole fat milk is richer and creamier than semi skimmed milk. Not just only cow milk that can be used in fresh milk bubble tea but can also be replaced with any alternative milk such as soya, almond, oat or coconut milk as per preference. 


    Salted cream


         Salted cream is also known as milk foam, cream crown, fluffy foam or topping cream. This sweet and savoury foam is made from topping cream powder - cheese flavour, or cream cheese combined with whipped cream and salt. It can be added in any bubble tea such as brown sugar milk tea, fresh brewed tea or fruit tea.