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  • What is the quality standard of the bubble tea?

    June 03, 2024 2 min read

    What is the quality standard of bubble tea?

    Firstly, there is no specific standard for pearl milk tea because it is a customizable beverage and everyone has different preferences for various ingredients. However, we can discuss what makes a delicious pearl milk tea from the following perspectives:

    Topping: Toppings are essential for pearl milk tea as they can create different textures and flavours. 

    (i) Tapioca pearls: The size, shape, chewiness, and flavour of the pearls can affect the taste of the milk tea. 

    (ii) Popping boba: These small, translucent balls filled with flavoured fruit juice or syrup are a popular topping. The thickness of the boba's skin can affect the texture, and the flavoured syrup inside should also be considered. 

    (iii) Coconut jelly: Coconut jelly, made from coconut water and agar-agar, can be cut into various shapes and adds a unique texture to the drink.

    The type and quality of tea used in pearl milk tea can vary, including black tea, green tea, oolong tea, or herbal teas. Using high-quality teas and brewing them properly can enhance the flavour and enjoyment of the drink. Factors such as tea quality, brewing time, and concentration can greatly affect the taste.

    The flavourings and sweeteners used, such as fruit flavours, extracts, or syrups, should be of good quality. The balance between acidity and sweetness and the ability to maintain the original fruit juice flavour after mixing with tea are important considerations. Ideally, a fruit tea should allow you to taste both the tea and fruit flavours, enhancing both in a harmonious way.

    Visual Appeal:
    Visual Appeal: In addition to taste, visual appeal is also important. Eye-catching elements like garnishes such as fresh fruit slices or colourful straws contribute to the overall experience. Some bubble teas even incorporate smoke effects to make them more Instagram-worthy.

    In conclusion, while there is no set standard for pearl milk tea, considering the quality and balance of toppings, tea base, sweetness, and flavour, as well as visual appeal, can help create a delicious and enjoyable drink.