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  • A step-by-step guide: Creating the Perfect Bubble Tea Menu

    November 02, 2023 3 min read

    A step-by-step guide: Creating the Perfect Bubble Tea Menu

    When you have decided to start your own bubble tea shop or add bubble tea to your existing menu, the first thing you must pay attention to is your target audience and the location of your bubble tea shop.

    Unlike coffee, bubble tea is highly customisable, which allows the customer to create their own unique flavour by mix-and-match. You can save time and hassle if you are a bubble tea franchise. However, if you want to open your own bubble tea shop, you need to create your own menu. This guide will help you create the perfect bubble tea menu that attracts customers and keeps them coming back for more. Let’s find out:

              1. Market Research

    Before starting to create the menu, you need to conduct thorough market research to understand your target audience’s preferences and needs. Consider the local demographic, age groups, and preferences. Collect feedback from your potential customers and competitors. This data will help you create a menu for your specific market.

              2. Create Menu Categories

    A great bubble tea menu starts with a solid foundation. These are the key components to consider:

    • Tea Base: Choose a variety of tea bases, such as Assam black tea, Jasmine green tea, and Oolong tea. Consider offering different options for both regular and sweetened tea. 
    • Flavour: Offering a wide range of flavour, including classic milk tea, flavoured milk tea, and fruit tea.
    • Sweetness level: Allow customers to customise the sweetness levels (0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%) to accommodate different taste preferences.
    • Ice level: Provide options of ice levels such as regular, less, more, or no ice to ensure customers get their perfect temperature. 
    • Milk choices: Offer various milk options, including fresh milk and plant-based milk.
    • Toppings options include traditional tapioca pearls, fruit popping boba, fruit jellies, aloe vera, pudding, and other toppings. Ensure the toppings are fresh and high-quality.

              3. Create signature drinks

    Create a selection of unique and innovative drinks that set your bubble tea shop apart. These can be your signature creations or theme drinks for special occasions. 

             4. Seasonal special drinks

    Rotate seasonal special drinks to keep your menu fresh and exciting.  offer drinks that are relevant to special seasons, holidays, and local events. This will keep customers curious about what’s coming next and encourage repeat customers.

              5. The design and presentation

    The design and presentation of your menu play a vital role in attracting customers. Use eye-catching graphics, vibrant colours, and enticing images of your bubble tea. Organising the menu logically, making it easy for customers to navigate. Consider adding brief descriptions for each drink to help customers understand what to expect. We usually recommend keeping the menu simple, and you can expand the menu from there. It’s going to be complicated and confuse the customers if you have a ton of menu items on your menu board.

               6. Menu pricing

    Set competitive and reasonable prices that reflect the quality of the ingredients and the overall experience that you provide. Consider offering different sizes, such as regular (500 ml) and large (700 ml). You can use clear cups or

    custom bubble tea cups with your logo, or even sealing film with your logo. 

    It’s a good idea if you go visit other bubble tea shops around your area to see what they charge for a drink.



    Creating a bubble tea menu that stands out and satisfies your customers is a combination of market research, creativity, and attention to detail. By offering a diverse selection of flavour, customisations, and seasonal specials, your bubble tea shop can become a local favourite. Keep listening to customer feedback and adapting your menu as needed to stay ahead of the competition and continue delighting your customers.